Cindy is an LPGA Professional and former LPGA Tour Player. She has been helping people improve their golf games   for over 20 years.

 Cindy is the Founder  and President of Tee Shots ®, a company which offers it's customers a wide variety of options to chip in and enjoy the game of golf. 

  Lessons on the Links:
a full day of golf starting with three hours of golf instruction, enjoying lunch, loosening up on the range, and nine holes of playing instruction.

  Solid Contact:
Allow  Cindy to show you how to   be sure to strike the ball with solid contact every time.      

  Dead Straight:
Making the golf ball fly straight is not as difficult as we all seem to make it.  Let Cindy show you how to hit it straight on purpose !

 Effortless Power:
Doesn't it seem  as though less is always more?  As Bob Toski  says,   "The goal is  not  Powerful Effort,  but Effortless Power."

  Up an In:
Cindy has developed a system to be  sure you know how to fly the ball certain distances to enable you to  get the ball up and in when needed.

   From the dressing room, to the driving range; on the first tee, through the eighteenth green, and  on into the clubhouse, allow former LPGA Tour Player Cindy Kessler Miller to dress, educate, entertain and enlighten your customers, clients, and salespeople.

Cindy Miller is a certified IM Trainer. Have Cindy do an assessment on you today !!

From The Pros

"With Cindy's Tour experience and teaching knowledge you'll get simple to understand ideas and a proven way to eliminate your bad shots.  Players of all calibers will benefit from her cause and effect instructions."                         ...Beth Daniel, LPGA Tour Player, LPGA Hall of Fame

"What is important and entirely necessary for anyone to further their golf is to receive competent, sound, personalized teaching. Cindy believes in working with your own  natural ability and refining that."                                              ...Ben Crenshaw, PGA Tour Player

"I have known Cindy personally and professionally for over 20 years. She is extremely capable of in her knowledge and discipline of the golf game."             ... Joanne Carner , LPGA Tour Player, LPGA Hall of  Fame






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